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Redirect not working - can see from the deployment rule and also in the _redirect file

Having problem with redirects.

I can see from my deployment that the redirect rule has been created also I’ve run a build on my local and also in the _redirect file I can the redirect, is it something with my plan? I am current on a Starter plan.

Netlify Deployment

_redirect file

Created with gatsby-plugin-netlify

/10-steps-to-buying-a-new-house/ / 301

Netlify URL: https://mystifying-stonebraker-9e3541.netlify.app/


Hi, @carlos.claro. If you add a “!” to the rule like so it will work:

/10-steps-to-buying-a-new-house/ / 301!

What is happening now is that there is a file for that URL. The file is found at this path in the deploy:


The file shadowing behavior means no redirect for this path will apply unless forced. Adding the “!” to the status “forces” the redirect even when a file exists for a URL.

If there are other questions, please let us know.

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this is great @luke!! Thanks a lot!

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