React router and SSL

Im having issues with an React-router based SPA ( and SSL. My main route is secure but my routes (e.g. its not secure. Any help please?

Thanks for providing the links! This isn’t about SSL - which is enabled for all routes on your site. It is about how you link the content within:


You can click that “not secure” note in the browser, and it should have a link (or at least chrome does) with more information about laying your site out without “plain http” links, which lead to that problem (and which we notify you about when you deploy - that’s the “mixed content check” that you are probably getting emails about every day you deploy your site :))

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Thank you for your reply. I dont have link though, and i would like to know how i can make that go…

Hey @Enzaik,

You do have links… to your images! They are looking at http:// and not https://. This is your issue :smiley:! If you serve these pictures over HTTPS, the error will go.


Oh right :man_facepalming: :man_facepalming: :man_facepalming: Thank you very much! That made the deal :slight_smile:

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