React page renders on localhost but not on netlify

site link:
Github link: dashboard+functionality by piyushsh25 · Pull Request #2 · piyushsh25/avaay · GitHub
the home page is working well on localhost as well as Netlify.
when I click on start[in the site], it works extremely well on localhost, in netlify the page doesn’t even render.
On checking the console “react_devtools_backend.js:3973 TypeError: Cannot read properties of null (reading ‘map’)”

Hi @piyush25,

The page appears to load for me:

Have you figured this out?

Hey, your src/hooks/TaskContext.jsx file is reading and writing to localstorage. What you are storing in localhost is later being accessed using .map, hence the error you are seeing.

localstorage is different at each website / domain, so you likely wrote to it in localhost at one point but that same file is not in the Netlify version of the website. The easiest solution would probably be to set a default value when local storage.get() doesn’t find anything.

That being said – the site works for me too. Maybe you already had default values but deleted value by accident and saved it that way?