[ React / Next.js ] You need to enable javascript to run this app

Im building a site, in Node with Next.js, in my VSCode, with npm run dev it works, but un netlify, after success deploy, the index page is a blank page, abd the message: “You need to enable javascript to run this app.”
site: https://boxsanfelipe.netlify.app/
git: GitHub - Gonzalox2/box-sanfelipe-website: Version 2 del sitio web diseñado para Box SanFelipe
i dont know why… any idea?

Hi @Gonzalox2 :wave:t6: welcome to the forums thank you for reaching out. Can you check out this thread and see if it helps you ?

I checked your repo, but couldn’t find if you setup redirects so I’m not sure if it applies to you. I will also recommend you check out this resource and debug to see why this may be occurring.

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