NextJS Site is blank

Hey! I’m migrating a CRA app to Next.js. I think I’ve done everything correctly and my site builds, but when I preview it - there’s nothing. Just a blank page. After looking around on the support forums I’ve seen this is commonly due to JS and CSS not being loaded - which is true. Static pages in my site render HTML, but nothing else. I’ve got an error in the console that reads :


URL to live site:
Logs URL: Netlify App

Screen shot of build settings:

And here’s a link to the Github: GitHub - Code-VBVF/vbvf_next at next-migration

Thanks in advance for the help!

Okay! I’ve found a few things and I’m much farther along in solving my problem now than I used to be.

  • Since I migrated this site from Create React App (CRA), i had an index.html file in my public folder. That needed to be removed - it was intercepting the home page I think.
  • I also had a _redirect file in the public folder that needed to be deleted
  • I turned off asset optimization and the JS and CSS came through perfectly.

I’m not totally in the clear however. I have an SSR page(/livestream) that’s giving me a 500. Not sure why that’s happening. I’ll be looking into that now.

I hope someone can find this answer helpful :hugs:

Hi @mwp,

Thanks for reaching out!

I’m not seeing a 500 when visiting are you still having that issue?

If you’re still having issues, could you provide the steps to reproduce?

Hey Melvin!

Thanks for the follow up. I’m pretty certain that the problem with the SSR pages was that I was using a useState hook to create a state variable. I gave that state the default value of the props being sent to the page from Next.js 's getServerSideProps(). I think that operation was a little too slow (useState hooks are async). I was rendering content based on the value of the state. So I opted to just use the props themselves rather than create an unnecessary state variable. This cleared it up just fine.

Thanks again for the follow-up!

Hey there, @mwp :wave:

Thanks so much for coming back and sharing your solution! This will definitely be helpful for future Forums members who encounter something similar.

Happy coding :tada: