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I’m trying to wrap my head around the combination between React and Headless Wordpress.
I’ve successfully managed to deploy my React app on Netlify and added my custom domain to it. It all works perfectly. However, my domain’s provider offers an automatic Wordpress installation, which is perfect for me, because i only need it for Headless CMS - it’s on my subdomain, e. ‘admin.mysite.com’.
What are the next steps to get it working perfectly?

After pointing my domain’s IP-address to Netlify’s, the subdomain, which WP is installed, goes down immediately. How can i sustain both my domain’s React App, which is beautifully there, and my subdomain’s Wordpress (i can change my domain’s DNS settings, that would be no problem).
Any help is much appreciated!

Hi @karel,

2 ways to go around this:

  1. If you choose to use Netlify DNS - you would have to change your domain’s nameservers to that of Netlify’s. Then, you need to add admin subdomain pointing to your WP installation in the DNS settings.

  2. If you use your domain registrar’s DNS, you can point to Netlify using A+CNAME record configuration and keep the admin subdomain working as it is.

Woaw. Thanks for the quick response, hrishikesh… it’s Saturday…

I chose the second option and it works beautifully!

Again, I’m grateful!

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