React build times out although the required file exists (Error: ENOENT: no such file or directory, open '/opt/build/repo/src/index.js')

Our build is exceeding the maximum allowed runtime and I’m not sure 1) why it’s taking so long, it’s our first deploy of our react site, and 2) if the error at the end of the log is the reason for why it’s exceeding runtime, or if it’s an error as a RESULT of timing out. is our site (not sure why it shows a login with figma), and then is our site.

Also, the file mentioned exists, and I’ll add the code in the next comment.

Locally, everything works.

This is the index.js file. Is it not finding a file in this file’s imports?

hi there! our default runtime is 15 minutes, but unless your site is large/complex i would expect it to complete quite a bit before that.

One thing i am seeing is that you are doing a lot of linting with warnings as part of your deploy step - ideally you don’t want to do that and instead only deploy the optimized code. The linting process might be slowing down your build, but again, i wouldn’t expect it to really push you to the 15 minute mark.

i’m going to guess that there is something lingering in the background that never terminates - maybe one of these posts are helpful in figuring it out what it might be: