Question about next runtime

Hello, I have some question about netlify next runtime. Do netlify runtime only support nextjs with edge runtime only? Or nodejs? I have website not build in netlify but my website using prisma and nextauth.

Prisma doesn’t support edge runtime so I need to use nodejs runtime for nextjs.

I am also using mui component library that have problem in edge runtime.

Meanwhile nextauth is transitioning to v5(still in beta) but that will solve edge runtime issue.

So, what is really netlify next runtime is? If netlify only support edge runtime like cloudflare page, I cannot use it.

Thank you.

We use Node.js, not Edge (except for middleware where we use Deno).

I see, that’s a good thing to know. Maybe there are a problem with runtime last time I deploy using nextauth.

I will try deploying my site in here again.