Python dependencies

I have a node.js project, with html, js, and python files
The python files need their dependencies
When I want to send the site to the Netlify server, I make a npm run build
That makes the build directory which contains the requirements.txt files
(one line of this file is for example : websocket-client==0.57.0)

Then I upload the whole build directory to Netlify server, on which I added the following environments variables

The result is :
12:14:45 PM: Creating deploy upload records
12:14:46 PM: Starting post processing
12:14:46 PM: Post processing - HTML
12:14:46 PM: Post processing - header rules
12:14:46 PM: Post processing - redirect rules
12:14:46 PM: Post processing done
12:14:50 PM: Site is live :sparkles:

So the requirements.txt seems skipped (may be ?)
And the site has that error :
Error 404 means that Python module websocket was not found at url

Note : is not in my site files, it is a python dependency that I declared in the requirements.txt, without success

Thank you for the help

Before we get to the solution, I’m not understanding the reason of you trying to do this. What are you planning to achieve by uploading Python dependencies to Netlify?

Because my Python files use those dependencies
For example websocket.
I have to “pip install websocket-client” on my pc console to get it in my code
How can I get it in my netlify server ?
(I tried to do through repuirements.txt with no success)

But Netlify is not supposed to run Python on the server - we only serve static files.

Yet I found that thread , showing that netlify support python :

Python is supported to build sites, not to do any kind of server-side processing.