Pushed deploys not working

I need advice to debug deploy https://app.netlify.com/sites/vibrant-kirch-0a3bcb/deploys/5e4e113f188a150008002072

I’m not a developer, I just enjoy the granular control I have when creating Gatsby sites.

I was tring to install something yesterday that (i thought) required yarn. I installed yarn globally. This destroyed my build process locally. I uninstalled yarn, and reinstalled/updated NPM. This fixed my builds locally, but pushed deploys are now failing.

I’m only able to drag and drop my public folder into the Netlify deployment page. This works for now.

I’m now getting errors about links in my post. I’m unable to post the log here.

Thanks in advance,

hi @tddpt - welcome. After posting a couple of times, you are able to post more links. It’s a setting to cut down on spam :slight_smile:

onto your issue:

if you look at your deploy log, this is the problem:

8:57:15 PM: success createSchemaCustomization - 0.196s
8:57:16 PM: error "gatsby-source-cloudinary" threw an error while running the sourceNodes lifecycle:
8:57:16 PM: Must supply cloud_name
8:57:16 PM: not finished source and transform nodes - 0.411s

you are missing something called a “cloud name”. Seems like it is a requirement.
if you figure this out, it’s likely your project will build just fine.


I added a file (.env) to .gitignore, as instructed here: https://www.gatsbyjs.org/packages/gatsby-source-cloudinary/#cloudinary-credentials

That’s where it broke.

Removing from .gitignore worked. There are apparently some environmental variables I’m missing.

if you need to know more about setting environment vars on netlify (either file based or thru the UI), this is the place to start:

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