PRs FROM my production branch to another branch are triggering preview builds

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  • Site: and
  • Setup: I have two Netlify sites building from the same repo. They both have their production branch set to different branches. One builds from the branch (with previews) and one builds from the branch (with previews).
  • Problem: When a PR is made from to it rightfully triggers the preview build on the site that has the branch set as it’s production branch. The problem is that the staging site is also triggering a preview build as if it was a PR to staging.

I really don’t want this as it will mean extra build hours that just aren’t needed.

The screenshot shows the Preview created when the PR to was created. Then it shows the deploy when the PR was merged. Then it shows another deploy preview #30 when the PR from to was created.

Hi @brandt, welcome to the community!

I see that you have changed the repository that each of your sites are linked to. I’m not able to investigate the issue further right now. If you do run into the issue again, please do update here so we can take a look again.