Protecting FaunaDB keys without using Netlify Functions

Don’t know if this is the right place to ask this but are there any good resources on Netlify + FaunaDB setups? There are a lot of little examples but there isn’t anything high quality enough to use as reference for implementing things the right way; examples I’ve found are all over the place and messy, with secret keys hardcoded in client-side code and worse of all a reliance on Netlify Functions to perform FaunDB calls which isn’t great since Functions have a much more stringent monthly calls limit than FaunaDB thus acting as a bottleneck. This last issue is really what is holding me back because from what I understood the only way to protect the FaunaDB keys would be to use them inside a Netlify Function so that they aren’t visible client-side, but as I said Functions would then heavily bottleneck my api calls since there would have to be a Function call for every FaunaDB call.

Hey, our community has many different approaches towards Authorization. We have an #authorization channel in our community slack:, I think the best you can do for this kind of general question is to exchange ideas with our community on how they approach this. Many community members have thrown github samples online, there might be a better Auth example that uses Netlify if you ask our community, I can’t think of one at this moment besides of the ones that you probably have already seen: