Problem with nodejs backend

Good morning,
I just deployed my web app made with nextjs and nodejs, my frontend is working fine, but I can’t make any queries on my routes in my backend. do you have any idea what my problem is? a compatibility problem with nodejs?

I attached a copy of my thunderClient request (which works locally and on vercel) but here.

in the netlify project, I just decided to pool the backend and the frontend, that’s why you don’t see a backend address on the screen thunderClient(netlify)

I have the free version of netlify.

Another unrelated question, is netlify compatible with websocket (

Thank you very much for your help on my problem.


Where’s your backend hosted?

Not directly, I believe it should be possible with Edge Functions.

Thank you for the answer.
the backend is on netlify

So you’re using another Netlify site as a backend for skyjo-lejeu? Which is this other site then?