Problem with images React

Hello! I have a problem with some images on my website. The images that I imported using React work fine, but the images that I didn’t export, like some background and other images don’t show. The website is built with React and TailwindCSS.

Here is the website:
Here is the repo: GitHub - iManchai/fem-easybank-landing

Hi @iManchai,

You need to move the images folder inside public folder.

Hi @hrishikesh! Thank you for the solution, I create a public folder and move the images folder and it fixed one of the images. But I still got a problem with the images in the Why Section and the Articles Section.

Now you need to fix the source paths for the images @iManchai

E.G. Change

<img src="../../public/images/image-plane.jpg" class="h-1/2 w-full object-cover" alt="">


<img src="/images/image-plane.jpg" class="h-1/2 w-full object-cover" alt="">

Thank you so much @coelmay ! This was the solution needed for the problem. :+1: