Images are not loaded after deploy on Netlify

HI guys, I’ve a problem with my React Vite App when I deployed it on Netlify.
I have a .json file containing images path. The json file is located in src and the images are located in src/assets .
The path specified in json for the images is : ../src/assets/shoppingCartD.png .
THe json file is imported in jsx componente like that: import projectsList from '../projects.json' and the component is located in src/components
When I deploy the application on Netlify the path get read but the image doesnt load. Any suggestion? Thanks a lot

Hey @nathanmartin, feel like repeating yourself this morning!?

Hey Guys,
sorry I’ve look a little bit better around and I’ve solved moving images in public folder and then change the relative path to the json file using public as root.

Thanks for your help anyway @dig :wink:

@dig Not really.

@Eligio93 Read the documentation.

Thank you @nathanmartin