Problem with file input size (video upload to cloudinary through serverless functions)

Hello and thank you all for this platform, it’s amazing. Well, I have my react app deployed and I’m using the lambda-functions to handle my data in a faunadb database. I recently added cloudinary into my project to handle video files, and I had a problem with the input size, which is over the limit of payload (6mb).

I structured the flow of the App like this: My page (“ExerciseForm.jsx”) sends the video file through a form to my API (“exercise-api.js”). The API handles the HTTP requests to the lambda functions (using Axios). The lambda function (“upload-exerciseVideo.js”) calls the cloudinary node.js API to store the file.

The problem occurs when Im passing the data from my API to the lambda function, the video File is over the limit, like the image below:

The videos will be mostly 5s long, mp4 fiiles. The rejected file was a little bit over 6mb. How can I do this? Is there a way around this situation? Sorry if it’s to long, I really need some help. Thanks in advance!

Hi @AgstAngelo ,

I recommend you give this doc a read? Large Media requirements and limitations | Netlify Docs

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Thanks for the response! After reading the doc suggested I realized that’s not what I wanted really. Anyways, I decided to change the tool, I’m still using other platform to store the files, but I’m doing the upload in the client-side now. Thank you!