Problem with deployment

I successfully deployed my multi-page react app but when I go to the site link, I get a white blank screen.
Browser console shows these errors
Uncaught syntax error: unexpected token ‘<’ in main.99a0c191.js
Manifest: Line: 1, column: 1, syntax error in manifest.json

Site link:

I need help asap!!

Remove homepage from your package.json.

thanks for the answer, but now I get:
Unexpected Application Error!

404 Not Found

no console errors.

That seems to be coming from your source code, not Netlify.

I used react-router-DOM for linking the pages, can it be from path not correctly defined.

Can’t say without seeing your repo, but that would most likely not be the cause of such an output. This doesn’t feel like an error, rather something hardcoded in your code.

I’ll attach repo for you
my repo

You’ve not defined any element for / route:

So, based on your current code, if you go to: React App, your website works.

The first path is from /, it didn’t render in / so I added /react/my-app
this is my localhost main page

As expected that works as well: React App, but if you want the home page to have some content, you need to add an element for /.

what if I add the H1 component for both / and /react/my-app paths

That works too. It’s your website, so you can choose what you want to display on home page.

thanks for the help, much appreciated