Problem deploying shopware-pwa (nuxt)

Hi everybody,

I am trying to deploy a shopware-pwa website but am struggling .

Here is my git repo:

Documentation to shopware-pwa deploying:

In order to get the deploy published, I had to adapt a bit the build command:
"build": "yarn shopware-pwa --ci && yarn shopware-pwa init --ci && nuxt build"
instead of
"build": "yarn shopware-pwa --ci && nuxt build"

Doing that, the site publish successfully if I set the publish directory to .nuxt:
The only problem is that the preview won’t work, there is a page-not-found here:

I then tried to set the publish directory to dist, as I am used to do with netlify and as it is advised on the support page, but doing that the deploy then fail with the mention: Deploy did not succeed: Deploy directory 'dist' does not exist

Would you have an idea what to do? Thank you for the feedback!

Hey @daviddarx

The dist directory if I recall correctly (haven’t played with NuxtJS for some time) is only created when you run nuxt generate with v2.

Ok thank you for the feedback! I’ll try to add nuxt generate to my build command soon

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Thanks for the great advice, @coelmay! @daviddarx, feel free to follow up on this thread in the future should you encounter this issue again.

Hi! FYI I actually visited the netlify project today and it actually in the between worked, without having to change anything! :open_mouth:

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Thanks for coming back and letting us know! Happy building :rocket: