Private repo with a public submodule - hugo

I am new to Netlify and facing the similar issue when building a Hugo site today.
So I have a private GitHub repo with a public submodule, and allow Netlify to access that repo only.
according to your description, it should check out the submodule automatically during build, but it didn’t.

part of the build log

5:59:40 PM: git clone

5:59:41 PM: Preparing Git Reference refs/heads/master

5:59:42 PM: Found Netlify configuration file netlify.toml in site root

5:59:42 PM: Found Netlify configuration file(s). Overriding site configuration

btw, I do use git submodule add in stead of git clone to add the submodule

[submodule “themes/hugo-ink”]
path = themes/hugo-ink
url =

My bad, the build server did check out the submodule during build.

When I visit the site, some of the the js, css files failed to load, which come from the theme. And it turn out that hugo or the theme generate some broken link, which wasn’t caused by not checking out submodule.

but anyway, it would be nice to show that u r checking out submodule in the log file.

Thanks - great feature request on being more verbose about the submodule clone! I’ve filed it for us and will follow up here if we change things.

Did you figure out your failed-loading on the assets? If not, let us know more details and we can take a look.