Server Error Issue

We activated on our site
it worked for a while, but we had to change the API, because it was rate limited.

After the change in API, we’ve been getting server errors, trying to fetch the site through Google Search Console and this is the response I get fetching with another tool

Hi, @Spazwik. I’m not showing any changes to the API. This is something that must be done by our support team and I don’t see any tickets or forum topics where any change was completed.

I do see ticket # 83704 where it removing it was mentioned but that was never completed as there was no response to our reply on that ticket.

Long story short, you are probably still using the same API key which is why there are still errors. Would you please reply to ticket # 83704 if you want us to remove the prerendering for this site?

Hi @luke Can you help us deactivate the External Prerender service for the app and switch to the internal pretender service by Netlify?

Hey @Spazwik,

This has been done based on your request in some other post.