Pre-rendering removed elements of my <head>

I’m working on a new personal site and I was trying to enable open graph data for sharing over facebook, imessage, etc.

The open graph properties were not showing up when shared so I put my site’s URL ( through Facebook’s debugger and it showed that the open graph properties in my head weren’t even being detected. I changed my user agent to Google and ‘fetched as google’ and found the same thing.

After some research I discovered people suggesting that enabling pre-rendering would help solve this problem. However, pre-rendering was already enabled for my site.

I disabled pre-rendering and Facebook was able to pull the open graph tags in the head through successfully.

The site is just a static site, so I’m not sure if that makes a difference?

If anybody has any ideas on why disabling pre-rendering enabled Facebook/Google to crawl the site fully then please let me know as I’d be interested to understand why.


Hey @SamP,
It’s hard to say and it sounds like you’ve disabled pre-rendering, so we won’t be able to test- if you’d like to re-enable and give us a shout, we could dig in further? But for general guidance about our prerender service, this is a great resource:

And then this is another more recent guide that’s part “how does prerender work” and part “how to set it up with Next.js”

Hopefully that sheds some light, but let us know if you have other questions about this!