PR Deploy Links are caught in our redirect rules

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We have a redirect on our / path right now to go to a separate landing page provider while we build our our website. Now when we make a PR, that link is getting caught up in our redirect rules and going to our non-netlify site and not the preview link.

[[redirects]] from = "/" to = "" status = 302 force = true [redirects.headers] X-From = "Netlify"

Wondering how to set up a pass through rule where when anything going to does NOT get redirected to our temp landing page.

Hey @krichdev,
Are you saying that when you PR, you are not able to view the deploy preview because you are automatically redirected to your non-Netlify site? That is very strange! You could try adding an asterisk to the from rule, so from = "/*", to see if we handle that better. Would you also mind sharing your full netlify.toml file with us so we can dig in further?