Netlify Sources Redirect Rules from Production Branch

Hi Netlify-Team,

we are currently facing the issue that our redirect rules are processed during a preview deployment, but are ignored, when we want to access the preview.
You can see the deployment info on this screenshot.

For testing purposes, we removed all redirect rules except of one, but Netlify used the ones in the production branch instead.

To us this seems like a bug, as the deployment info clearly states that 1 redirect rule has been processed, but this one is npt applied, when we visit the preview.

Are you aware that deploy previews source the redirects from the production branch? Might this be a bug?

We also found another Topic with a similar issue: Testing redirect rules on a deploy preview

We appreciate any help!


Thanks for getting in touch! Can you please send us your site details so we can take a closer look?

Ticket: Issue with redirect Rules beimg… – Netlify – Zendesk