Post-Processing only applied to some pages

Hi everyone,

My blog: is generated by Hugo and hosted on Netlify.

I setup many post-processing optimization on my Netlify dashboard resulting in concatenation / magnification of my CSS / JS on my landing page.

I can see on that Netlify correctly replace CSS / JS files by the minified / bundled version hosted on a CDN (cloudfront).

However, on pages like, it does not. Netlify server JS / CSS as-is.

I haven’t change the configuration for those settings. I really don’t know what is going on.

hi there @daolf , can you show us a screenshot of your asset optimization settings, please?


Hey @daolf,

There’s a few good reasons why not every asset is optimised and the aforementioned link explains some of the shortcomings of the service. You’ll want to ensure that you reference assets in the manner which the service expects.