Portion of form not being included in email

I have two forms on a site. One form, on the contact page, everything is shown in email notifications and in netlifty.

On the booked page there is another form. It does not show everything when it emails me or in netlify. Just the same information from the contact page seems to be the only thing captured.

The site is ashantisalon.netlify.app.

What am I missing? Should I be adding a netlify tag to another section to get the information?

Hey @sierraadamsdev

The first issue is the value for form-name doesn’t match the name of the form, as there is no name attribute on the form

The second issue is the same form-name value is used for both forms. As per the forms documentation each form on a site needs to have a different name. To name a form, you need to add the name attribute to the <form> tag e.g.

<form name="contact">

The third issue is the use of <fieldset>. As per this thread there is a known issue using fieldsets in Netlify forms that I don’t believe is resolved.

Additionally I would also remove the action="#" from the form.