Point Deploy Preview URL to a specific page

The PRs to my project almost always include content edits to a single page. Unfortunately, the Deploy Preview URL always points to the / path (https://deploy-preview-487--abcdef.netlify.app/`).

I would like to be able to set the Deploy Preview URL to a relative path on a per-PR basis during the build script. Ideally via an environment variable that my build script exports, or via a custom file that includes this path.

So if my build script sets NETLIFY_DEPLOY_PREVIEW_PATH=/about, the Deploy Preview link that gets pushed to GitHub would be https://deploy-preview-487--abcdef.netlify.app/about instead.

This would help project contributors get directly linked to the relevant page, instead of editing the deploy preview URL on their own, or navigating on the deploy preview website.

HI there, @nemo :wave:

Thanks so much for reaching out and taking the time to share this feedback, we greatly appreciate it! I have shared it with the appropriate team. Should you have any further details you wish to share, don’t hesitate to follow up on this thread.