Deploy preview link points to subfolder

Hello there! :wave:
We use deploy previews which leaves a comment in the pull request at Github. The deploy link in this comment points to a subfolder called report which is not desired. It should point to the root instead.
Our builds produce an index.html + a JS bundle for each of our clients and place them in separate folders within a dist folder, plus in the root of dist when it comes to our generic test client. The report folder (dist/report) contains an index.html file that is generated during build with an analyze of the Webpack bundle.

I don’t understand why /report is added to the URL all the time but it sure is annoying and confusing. Is there any way to get rid of it?
It would also be interesting to know if it’s possible to define a specific folder via config? We usually work more or less with one client at a time so it could be nice to point towards a specific client at times.

Hey there, @Mikael_Karlsson :wave:

Thanks for reaching out! I will happily look into this further for you. Can you provide a link to the deploy preview that is being impacted? This will help us look into the matter further.

Sent you a DM because I can’t be public with the product. :slight_smile:

BTW, I’ve checked a few other repos and this problem only seem to occur in the ones where we generate a report using Webpack Bundle Analyzer. :mag:

I discovered now that I colleague of mine added this to our netlify.toml file recently but it doesn’t seem to make any difference:

    publish = "dist/"

So I can assume that’s a file that’s being changed on every build. The URL shown there is a result of the “changes” that we detect:


No way to disable this unfortunately.

Ok then I at least know why it happens, thanks :slight_smile: