Please add custom domain for ssl with dns hosting elsewhere


Please could somebody at Netlify add my custom domain into the ssl settings. I have my domain hosted elsewhere.

My site name is aerobid-web.

The custom domain is

Thank you

hi there Lee,

Let me take a look. can you verify this is what you are asking?

  • you have a site hosted not on Netlify
  • you’d like us to point at that site

is this correct?


I am using a custom domain, and am not using Netlify’s DNS service, but I want to setup branch based domains. So I need the domain setup so that the SSL works for this subdomain. This subdomain will be used for our develop branch.

You did this for the other site we have under this organisation called aerobid-app.


The site IS hosted on Netlify.

The DNS is at Route53 on AWS.

Our domain already points to the site hosted with Netlify (named aerobid-web). But the SSL does NOT currently work. Because our DNS is configured elsewhere, we need the domain manually added to the SSL section.

I hope this explains things better. I wish there was an easier way to get this done. Third time Ive gone through this process and nobody seems to know lol


hi there Lee, thanks for explaining. We got this sorted out for you!

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