Planning to change primary domain SSL involved, needbest practice or process that won't break anything

Hi guys
back again! been a while, lol

  • netlify site name:

Currently set up using as primary domain (netlify currently controls DNS)
I want to change the primary domain to (client is rebranding)
I have set up this domain in netlify and changed the DNS to point to netlify to resolve records
Not sure if my uncertainty is because this HAS NOT resolved yet (just made the change to nameservers a few minutes ago)

I can add a domain alias inside custom domain tab but I’m not sure that is what i want as it prompts me to set up a CNAME record!. I want to basically duplicate what is there already but with new domain of and have it be the new primary domain. I will then through google begin process of redirecting all traffic from one domain to the other so that in 6-9mth time I don;t have to renew the old domain name. I will use netlify redirects too, but will probably do it at domain level and/or through google search console.

I need the SSL to be provisioned on the new domain and I guess keep the old SSL on until i am happy that all the directs and re-crawling, google re-indexing is complete

I need a bit of hand holding to reassure me I am not going to do something silly as this site is live

I think when i originally set up the site a few months back the domain I had imported into netlify appeared automatically in custom domains panel and has a little netlify DNS icon. How can I make the other domain appear there (note I have only just changed the name-servers (maybe this seems more complex because they haven’t resolved yet?)


UPDATE: looks like DNS has resovlved and things are a bit less confusing. Just need to check is is it OK to just change the primary domain to another with netlify DNS without breaking anything?

hi there, maybe this is relevant?

thanks for this, however I’m not sure it is relevant as all domains are under netlify DNS control already?
Is it safe for me to just change the primary domain to the domainname that is taking over and then just point all the others to the primary. (or are these instructions pertinent to changing primary domain even if a are under netlify DNS control)
The SSL already looks like it is provisioned?! (could this have been initiated when I tried to add a custom domain a few days back? I did add but then removed the domain until I was sure that the re-pointed DNS had propagated to netlfiy)
It’s like it is all going to smoothy and I am nervous in case Something goes badly wrong, so I am holding off changing primary domain from the wee dropdown

Hey @DaveHarrison, it looks like you took the plunge and changed the primary domain to the new domain! All looks correct from our end. And you are right that your SSL cert was automatically renewed- there are a number of cases where that happens, and one of them is when you add/remove a new domain alias or change custom domain. If you run into any issues with this configuration, please give us a shout and we will be happy to take a look.