Pingendo deploy not working

I’m using pingendo, and from there on I publish to netifly, so I can share the website with the developers. I don’t need a domain or anything. But whatever I do, I keep getting the message: “Page Not Found - Looks like you’ve followed a broken link or entered a URL that doesn’t exist on this site.”

What am I doing wrong? I would be really grateful for your help. Thanks in advance. Cindy Francesca

Website: [] (private link)

hi there cindy,

your site seems to be loading fine for me? looks like you maybe fixed it!

Hi Perry

Thank you for getting back to me. You’re right, it’s working now.

In the pingendo project-file-explorer a folder was shown first, in which all html-files where listed. I could expand that, and see all files, including the index.html,
and open them in the application. Once I directed pingendo directly to the html files, without having to expand a folder first, and published that, everything worked. I guess it had to do with the path to the index.html file.

I hope it makes sense, but I’m really happy it’s working. Thank you again.



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