Personal data collected on end users

What personal information does Netlify Edge collect on end users of my website?

On this page:, I noticed that access logs that include IP addresses are stored for 30 days. What other information do those access logs include (e.g. user agent, full URL with query string, referrer, etc.)?

Other than the access logs, does Netlify collect any additional personal data on my end users?

Also, do any of Netlify’s cloud providers collect personal data on my end users (e.g. IP addresses, user agent, full URL with query string, referrer, etc.)?

FYI, I previously tried contacting about this. They referred me to the DPA, but I wasn’t able to find the answers to my questions in the DPA.

Thank you for your time.

Hi there,

Yes, we collect all the things you mention:

user agent, full URL with query string, referrer

No other information is collected during normal browsing; if you use our Identity, Functions, or Forms services, you can choose to collect other PII data which it is your responsibility to monitor.

Our DPA is all of the detail we have available, as I told you in that email. It includes all the relevant information on our subprocessors for you to consider in ensuring you remain legal in your jurisdiction, for your visitors. We cannot offer any other legal advice, and I would be very skeptical of taking any from anyone in this forum.

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Thank you for your help! That was exactly the information I was looking for.