Performance degradation for users in NYC

I have reports from users trying to reach some of our sites from NYC about inconsistent slow load times, making the sites unusable at times.

The sites ids: mwadmin, mwapp

Unfortunately, I don’t have logs for this. I connected via VPN to some servers in New York but I haven’t been able to replicate so far.

Might it be related to yesterday’s incident?

hi stefan,

can you clarify: are the users based in NYC? but you are based somewhere else?

As far as yesterday’s degraded performance goes, all the details that we can share are available to see here:

As you can see, we first saw difficulty arising in the new york area yesterday morning.

It’s a bit hard for us to debug performance issues (not that they don’t occur, but we serve a lot of traffic…) without something like an x-nf-request-id or a HAR file. If you see anything like that again, we are happy to take a look and figure out whether it is something that is related to some settings you might have or a system issue on our side.

Hi @perry!

That’s correct. Our clients are based in NYC and I live in Europe.

Yes, I follow up closely.

Indeed. But it is hard for me to get this info from my users. I’ve been trying to replicate by connecting to several VPN servers in NY (NordVPN’s) without success, I guess these VPNs are in diff networks.

Gonna keep an eye open. Wanted to also see if someone else is experiencing the same.

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