Per-site access tokens?

I would like to use netlify to publish some build artifacts (profiling reports for example) from some of my open source projects. My idea was to create a new site (not backed by a git repo) in netlify, and then push the build artifacts from the open source repo using a suitable Github Action.

(I can’t build the pages on netlify’s services directly, because the build is too complex and requires additional dependencies.)

But it seems that the usual way is to use a Personal Access Token for that, which would give anyone who can push to that repository a way mess with any of my other netlify sites, which is of course not ok.

Is there a way to create an access token that only permits pushing a new deploy to a specific site?

At the moment, no. However, this has been requested in the past, not just for specific sites, but the ability to scope the access tokens.

However, in your case, you could create a different user with just that one site and use the token for that user. It’s not the best experience, but could get the job done.

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