Partial content - HTTP 206 on images

I have uploaded some really small images (~30kb) to my Github repo. My project is Docusaurus.
When deployed, the images are responding with HTTP code 206 and are not visible.
The path is correct (or I would get 404), but the image is not displayed.
Any idea?

Could you tell us a few more things so we can help debug?

  • a URL that demonstrates the problem?
  • what browser(s) you’ve seen the problem in?

With that information we should be better equipped to help you debug :slight_smile:

It happens in chrome + firefox + safari.
Error codes vary -> 200, 206 but the image is:
a) png -> not available
b) jpg -> get strange marks

you can see it:

The images are stored on the github repo and It seems like the file gets corrupted when uploaded to Netlify.

Thanks for that!

Upon investigation, something seems wrong with that file - it isn’t a valid PNG. Can you actually open it? Using a browser with 0 frills sends something that is kinda like a PNG (I see some PNG-like data inside), but isn’t valid:

$ curl -so /tmp/component.png ; file /tmp/component.png
/tmp/component.png: data

the same is true of other PNG’s, and to be honest, your JPG’s too:

$ curl -so /tmp/ ; file /tmp/
/tmp/ data

(normal files will be identified as their image types rather than “data”, and will be open-able in an image viewing program - neither of these were). Even the main image on your site seems damaged (that green segment doesn’t look intended):

Perhaps your site build pipeline is doing something weird to your images, or perhaps the source images are damaged? I think we’re serving what you deployed, but what you deployed is not what you were trying to.

I was seeing the images properly on my machine, and this was the issue:

Thanks for your help.

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