Images not displaying on netlify

images are displayed locally but not when deployed on netlify. Checked the previous posts in this regard but still not able to get the images to display.
My github repo:

thanks in adv

@tomamal I’m still unable to run your build myself as it tries to retrieve a bunch of .woff2 fonts then fails.

Regarding this issue, I’ve noticed something curious.

Some images do work, for example /prabhu-2.png:


Via _next/image:

The images that work seem to all have a last commit date of yesterday:

Other examples that work:

The images that show as from “3 days ago” do not work, even when accessed directly.

Random examples that do not work:

The difference becomes obvious when opening the images in GitHub directly.

The images that work are showing as being directly in the repository:


The images that do not work show as stored with Git LFS:


Not having used it myself I cannot advise what you would need to do to fix.

You may want to refer to the Netlify documentation, or Google around.

Thanks Nathan for the effort. Whatever u have diagnosed, I too have found those. I think something went wrong while committing changes to github. The config file that showed error yesterday, I deleted and uploaded again. then that error was gone. Do you suggest I delete the repository from github and start all over again?

It’s not something I’d tend to suggest, but if you’ve become very lost then it may help you.

any risks in deleting and creating a new repository? and would I have any probs in deploying on netlify again?

Only if you don’t have a local copy of the code and assets you plan to keep.

You shouldn’t.