Page Not Found on refresh

Hi all,

Running into an issue where whenever I’m on any page that isn’t the main home page and I refresh, the page can not be found. For instance, if I click the link to go to /account it will bring me to the page however once I refresh the page it will say that the /account page does not exist. Issue is only happening on hosted site not when it’s deployed locally. I downloaded the build file and I can see that theres is an index.html file in the folder.

On page refresh console prints “Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 ()” .
Issue also happens in private/incognito mode and multiple browsers.

Netlfiy site:
custom domain:

Can you share your build settings?

Yes, settings are below:

Runtime: Not set
Base directory: client
Build command: CI=false npm run build
Publish directory: client/build
Build status: Active

Perhaps this support guide will help @Jerryc95

This looks like it may be it. I’ll dive in there and see if that works. Thanks for sharing!

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