Page Not Found for my website

Hello, i deploy my site from github and i code on On glitch i can see my website perfectly and when i export to github which then updates netlify since its connected to my github. Netlify doesnt seem to work and says “Page not found”
Glitch Website :
Github :
Netlify :

Your netlify deploy is working perfectly

To view your site without adding /views/home.html
Rename your home.html file to index.html

and from netlify admin panel set views as publish directory

  1. Open
  2. Select your site
  3. Click on site settings button
  4. Select Build & deploy tab (located under General tab)
  5. In Continuous Deployment > Build Settings card, click Edit Settings
  6. Type views in Publish directory input box

Thank you this worked :). Is there anyway to get rid of the .html at the end as well?

which .html at end?
I see opens without any error now
and there’s no .html at this URLs end

For example right here it has .html at the end. Although if you manually remove it. it seem to work as well. But by default it has .html. The home page on the other hand seems fine.

Hi @smojoyt! Try enabling our “pretty urls” feature here:

Let us know if that is the solution you were looking for.


you are amazing <3. Thank you so much

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i did the same but i am not yet finding a solution. i am still getting the error.
site :

Your site is missing an index, like mentioned here: "Looks like you've followed a broken link" when viewing site

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I have a site and it loads the home page fine and all else is good on desktop, but when I test it on my phone I get the home page but only the home page. All other pages I get a 404. Any help is appreciated.

I found a solution. I added the following after the “build” script within package.json"react-scripts build && echo '/* /index.html 200' | cat >build/_redirects " . This insured that future builds did not receive a .txt format _redirects file.

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