Page Not Found Error on Netlify while trying to deploy my new app

I deployed this site succesfuly on Netflify from my Github and was sucesfuly published.However the link doesnt work and it shows an error. I have sought help online and they all suggest that I add a ‘_redirect’ which I have but there is no change yet. Here is the link to the site
GitHub - MMar1ey13/Pover and the git repo.

I’ll really appreciate any help.

@clarityviewbusiness Adding a _redirect is not the solution for your current issue, so I’m not sure why that would have been suggested.

Your current issue is that you’re not “building the site and deploying the output” but simply “deploying the source files”.

This can be seen by navigating to any of the file paths available in your repository, for example:

You should ensure that you set your Build Configuration

In your case you will want to set the Build command to npm run build and you will need to set your Publish directory to build

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Thanks a lot ,It actually worked