Page not Found Error Message

Hi I’m getting a page not found error message. I have read and tried all the related issues I could find on the forum and nothing has worked for me.

Netlify Site Name:

Build Settings:

Error Message:

Deployment seems fine. I downloaded the deploy and all the correct files were in their correct places.
I think it may be a DNS, domain or build issue.

Shakespeare Press Museum Developer

Hey @ShakespearePress

Can you try removing the base directory.

If you are still having issues, can you share the repository you are deploying from.


Still having issues after removing the base directory.

I may have an inaccurate understanding of what a respository is but I’m using GitHub.

Hey @ShakespearePress

The repository name is in this case, and the site itself resides in the directory spm.

So for you, set the publish directory to spm and all other settings are default (blank) i.e.

Hi @coelmay,

This change worked! Thank you so much for your help!

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