Page Not Found After Continuous Deployment

I tried to deploy from GitHub but my site says “Page not Found”. When I tried deploying my site without using GitHub, it was working fine. I have a feeling this is because of the “build command” and the “publish directory”. However, I didn’t use a static web generator to make this website, so I’m confused on what to do about this situation. I don’t know what to enter for the “build command” and “publish directory”. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Log Deploy:

6:47:32 PM: Build ready to start

6:47:34 PM: build-image version: 2dbd444fcdce00cf06325060a8238d5ae3e86774

6:47:34 PM: build-image tag: v3.3.7

6:47:34 PM: buildbot version: 11918e084194721d200458438c92ff8180b3b56c

6:47:34 PM: Fetching cached dependencies

6:47:34 PM: Starting to download cache of 13.2MB

6:47:34 PM: Finished downloading cache in 346.743386ms

6:47:34 PM: Starting to extract cache

6:47:34 PM: Finished extracting cache in 300.269956ms

6:47:34 PM: Finished fetching cache in 654.03404ms

6:47:34 PM: Starting to prepare the repo for build

6:47:35 PM: Preparing Git Reference refs/heads/master

6:47:35 PM: No build command found, continuing to publishing

6:47:35 PM: Starting to deploy site from ‘’

6:47:35 PM: Creating deploy tree asynchronously

6:47:36 PM: Creating deploy upload records

6:47:36 PM: Starting post processing

6:47:36 PM: Post processing done

6:47:37 PM: Site is live

6:47:38 PM: 0 new files to upload

6:47:38 PM: 0 new functions to upload

6:47:40 PM: Finished processing build request in 6.227312812s

This is due to the way you have your files on GitHub. Instead of having your website files in your GitHub repo, you have them in a sub-directory. If you check:

… you will find your site.

One fix would be to move your site files up one level in your GitHub repository, where they should be.

Alternately, you could set the Publish Directory to SOUL WEBSITE, although it’s dangerous to include spaces in URLs. So, instead of changing the name of the sub-directory, just move all the files up a level.

This will be easier in the long run.

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Thank you so much for the help !

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