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Page Not Found Looks like you've followed a broken link or entered a URL that doesn't exist on this sit Error

Example: https://5fa38dfe32ef488bdeb06d15--vinodpanchal1311.netlify.app/
i deploed my site without error but these also displayed “Page Not Found
Looks like you’ve followed a broken link or entered a URL that doesn’t exist on this site.”

here is my deploy logs

11:00:38 AM: Build ready to start
11:00:40 AM: build-image version: b0258b965567defc4a2d7e2f2dec2e00c8f73ad6
11:00:40 AM: build-image tag: v3.4.1
11:00:40 AM: buildbot version: 9c8ae11ff96d61099561d579a91d03dc24930de5
11:00:40 AM: Building without cache
11:00:40 AM: Starting to prepare the repo for build
11:00:40 AM: No cached dependencies found. Cloning fresh repo
11:00:40 AM: git clone https://github.com/vinod1311/portfolio
11:00:41 AM: Preparing Git Reference refs/heads/master
11:00:43 AM: No build command found, continuing to publishing
11:00:43 AM: Starting to deploy site from ‘/’
11:00:43 AM: Creating deploy tree
11:00:43 AM: Creating deploy upload records
11:00:43 AM: 0 new files to upload
11:00:43 AM: 0 new functions to upload
11:00:43 AM: Starting post processing
11:00:43 AM: Post processing - HTML
11:00:43 AM: Post processing - header rules
11:00:43 AM: Post processing - redirect rules
11:00:43 AM: Post processing done
11:00:43 AM: Site is live :sparkles:
11:00:44 AM: Finished processing build request in 3.838100289s


Hi, @vinod1311. Did you see this guide yet? This is the best place to start for “Page Not Found” issues.

If you are still seeing issues after following the troubleshooting steps in this guide, please let us know!