Order of query string parameters is changed

Site name: https://staging.ivy.cash

Our site is built using Next.js and we encountered an issue with one of our API endpoints. When it is being called (in this case, a third-party integration is calling our site), the order of query string parameters is being changed. Since this third-party relies on the query string parameters being in a specific order, a security validation their perform fails. This doesn’t happen when testing locally, as locally we just run the Next.js site itself, without the Netlify CLI, so the order is kept intact.

Is there a way to ensure Netlify functions, specifically for a Next.js-based site, preserve the order of query string parameters? Or is there a way to access the original URL as called?

At the moment, we don’t use a netlify.toml file, we’re just using the default settings.

Thank you.

Hey @sergiu_hf,

We’ve responded to your ticket in the helpdesk. Please continue the conversation on a single platform to streamline communication.