Netlify keeps searchparams when redirecting in my Next.js app

I have this simple code in my Next.js 13+ api:


The page route looks like this:

The name query parameter is only used for tracking, and I do not want it to be added to the redirect. But netlify keeps it. So it redirects to


instead of


This is expected. We preserve query params on redirects. You’d have to replace the query params with a different one.

Well this causes errors. I have a route that specifically redirects users to other websites, keeping the searchparams will cause errors on older websites.

How do I disable this?

How so? Could you please provide an example of an error?

No error occurs in my app.

I redirect the users to third party websites. And these websites return an error because of the searchparams. I don’t control the third party websites, but the error does not occur without the searchparams.

That’s why I want to remove them.

As mentioned before, you’d have to replace the query params with a different one for example ?redirected. Replacing with any new params should remove the old ones.