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One script is missing "Vary: Accept-Encoding" response header


  • All my scripts have a Vary: Accept-Encoding response header created automatically by netlify.
  • Only one script is served without this response header.

I can’t see any difference between all my scripts and my configuration.
Any idea/help. will be appreciated.

Site: https://www.lachotte.com (netlify name : lachotte)



Hi @divinerites

I’ve had a look at one of my sites and can see the same thing. Most JavaScript (and other) files have the the Vary: Accept-Encoding header set. However, it appears those around 1000 bytes (1KB) do not have the header set which actually makes sense (to me) as they are so small as to make absolutely no difference in the loading of a page.

Your footer_with_lazyload... script is only 80 bytes.

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