Nuxt: "Hello world" Edge function doesn't work during production, only locally

I followed the Nuxt integration docs and confirm it works when plain app deployed to production. However, when I add a demo “hello world” edge function based on this example here, the edge function works fine locally when using Netlify dev and accessing the path /test, but when deployed to production, the edge function is not invoked when accessing the path. The logs also show nothing.

I did add the netlify_edge preset to the nuxt.config.ts file.

Here’s the app link: Welcome to Nuxt! (

Code screenshot:

What am I doing wrong?

If you’re running Nuxt in Edge Functions mode then Nuxt consumes all the request and doesn’t allow anything else to run. You can file an issue on Nuxt to allow excluding paths or switch to Lambda mode (which is the default).

You made me realize that I can just build a server api route by using Nuxt’s nitro server engine and doing /api/hello.js instead and still use Edge Functions. That worked! thanks.