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I have to nuxt sites deployed in netifly, and

Both are using a domain purchased in namecheap, when i search in google for I only see the titles of the navbar in the description, but for tribalfusionpost i can’t see a description ( at least from the first post) and the contact page info.

Comparing site to site the only diference i see between both is in domain settings a green icon “netifly dns” beside the domain name and in I’m using this documentation for the seo Nuxt - Meta Tags and SEO

thanks for your time

Hey @Ernest

The default description for (which redirects to is

<meta data-n-head="1" data-hid="description" name="description" content="">

It is not until the page loads (remember, NuxtJS still uses JS to render pages) that the description changes to

<meta data-n-head="1" data-hid="description" name="description" content="Soy Ernest Riccetto, fotógrafo de danza y naturaleza ubicado cerca de Barcelona, España. I have covered several kinds of events, such as fairs, medieval and Steampunk in most cases, awards galas and fire shows. 
Once there, I like mingling with people and making the protagonists unaware of my presence. I think it is the best way of taking photographs, without forcing any situation and taking “authentic” captures.
I am a professional pilot certified to flight in open category, and also in sts1/sts2 scenarios. 
Being able to fly allows me to reach perspectives that I would have never dreamt of getting before, and, moreover, it allows me to encourage my learning process and step into the world of filming.
From small halls to big theaters, I have done photographic reports for dance recitals, especially for Tribal Fusion, but also for other styles like Burlesque and Polynesian dance.
I love being able to take photographs of these events, being able to capture the artists’ strength on stage while offering them a nice memento.
My main theme is dance, and more specifically Tribal Fusion. For me, it is important to add a location in which the model will feel inspired by her surroundings. That’s why I invest a lot of time finding spots with strength.

Even though my favorite spots are rivers and woods, I am also attracted by runes, old buildings and charming rehearsal rooms.
I have the privilege of living near the Montseny natural park and some others with their own woods, I love walking around them and discovering new spots. 
My favorite themes are rivers, tree details, and, slowly, I am introducing myself to landscaping.

(which, by the way, is much too long for a description.)

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