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Npm run build is giving module not found error


above is my site. and i am getting the below error.
Creating an optimized production build…

7:37:59 PM: Failed to compile.

7:37:59 PM:

7:37:59 PM: ./src/Events/CreateEvents/createEvent.tsx

7:37:59 PM: Cannot find module: ‘@material-ui/core/input’. Make sure this package is installed.

7:37:59 PM: You can install this package by running: npm install @material-ui/core/input.

7:37:59 PM: npm ERR! code ELIFECYCLE

7:37:59 PM: npm ERR! errno 1

7:37:59 PM: npm ERR! pulp-events@0.1.0 build: react-scripts build

7:37:59 PM: npm ERR! Exit status 1

I am running npm install command also still i am getting the modules error.

In my local it is working fine.

Command: npm install && npm run build

Hi @vijay-bhaskar,

Try adding @material-ui/core - npm to your package.json.