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Now available: manage Build Plugin versions

Netlify offers a range of Build Plugins to extend the functionality of the build process, and plugin authors commonly create new versions of plugins to add functionality or address bugs. Today, we’ve released a way to manage the major versions of plugins that your site uses in the Netlify UI.

Major versions can introduce breaking changes, so we’ve made it easy to both update to a new version as well as roll back to a previous version. Note that Netlify upgrades minor versions in the UI automatically, since minor version updates are backwards-compatible.

To manage major plugin versions for plugins installed in the Netlify UI, go to the Plugins page for your site (not the team-level plugins directory). You’ll find the Option to Change version for any installed plugins that have version options available. To access a plugin changelog to find out what a new version contains, select Options > Review plugin changelog.

For plugins installed in using file-based installation, you can manage both minor and major plugin versions in the devDependencies in your site’s package.json file.

You can also refer to our Manage plugin version docs.

Let us know what you think or if you have any feedback about this feature!