Not receiving mails into my cpanel mail accounts

So I had an issue where I’m not able to receive emails into my domains as I’m using cpanel provided mails from another hosting provider(namecheap). I contacted my custom domain name provider and they said I should do the following to the associated domain( here on netlify:

You can create the A record for with the value and create the three MX records from the hosting provider side.
Here are the MX records for

1.TTL: 1200 Type: MX
Priority: 5

  1. TTL: 1200 Type: MX
    Priority: 10

  2. TTL: 1200 Type: MX
    Priority: 20

I’ve done the above, but I want to check up with you guys if I did the right thing or not. could you help me check please?

I could see that the A record for is there and set correctly per what you sent.

But not the MX records. Make sure it is set correctly on your Netlify DNS settings.

It should be filled like this, replacing the values as appropriate.

At the end, the MX records should show up like this:

EDIT: If you want to check whether you’ve set things up correctly, Dig (DNS lookup) is a useful site. You just need to enter the name and pick the record which you are checking for.

Example for the MX records:


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thanks man, it worked

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