How can I receive email on my domain

A friend of mine brought a domain on NameCheap and i guided him to successfully connect with Netlify, and now the site can be accessed.

The problem is: He cannot send or receive emails even after setting up MX records on netlify domain dashboard.

Netlify site name:
Custom domain:

I appreciate all the help you can provide to me.

If you run a check on the domain, It doesn’t show any mx records: Domain Health Check - Online Domain Tools - Blacklist, Email, Website, DNS - MxToolBox

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Thank you for the quick response. Please what might be the issue that it doesn’t have any mx records again as before adding custom domain name to netlify he sends and receive emails properly. I am a newbie, please help me with any information to solve the issue.

Find out where the DNS is being managed. If it is NameCheap, configure the MX records there. If it’s Netlify, make sure they are there. Once you do that, you should be able to see them using the tool I linked.

He says the mx records for the site is being configured at cpanel and has being using the email: for months before the subsequent move to netlify. I will instruct him to move back to namecheap basicDns. Thank you for your time and response.